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August 6, 2003 meeting

Caterina Rando, MCC


Power Thinking for Business and Life

Ms. Caterina Rando is an award-winning motivational speaker, columnist, and author known for her interactive, high-energy, and high-content programs. Her many clients include Hewlett Packard, the IRS and Chevron Corporation.

Tthe August 6 meeting of the Stockton Women’s Network welcomed Caterina Rando – an international speaker, success coach, and author of the national best-seller "Learn to Power Think." Caterina is a monthly columnist for Bay Area Business Women's Newspaper and The Success Center Director for the Direct Selling Women's Association. She is featured as a success expert in three leading business books: Get Clients Now!; The 11 Commandments of Wildly Successful Women; and the NAFE Guide to Starting Your Own Business.
Caterina writes for more publications and websites than she can keep track of, In July of 2003, she was featured in Women's Day, Balance and Latina magazines. Her many media appearances, including NBC News, Moscow television and Romanian radio programs.

This program helped us tap into our full thinking potential for optimum success in every aspect of our life - at home, at work, in our relationships and at the deepest level of self and spirit. No superhuman effort was required - just an openness to new possibilities and a strong desire to make dynamic change. We discovered a well of strength we never knew we had. Along the way, we got to know ourself without being afraid of what we might find. She encouraged us to take firm, confident steps to realize what we desire.

This program showed us how to:

* Create a compelling vision that keeps us motivated day after day
* Be our own success coach and develop a core of inner strength we can always rely upon
* Enhanced sense of self-worth
* Bring structures into our life that gives us a deeper sense of happiness, confidence and emotional well-being

The result enabled us to build a personal power-positive philosophy that can enrich all aspects of our life.

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